For women

Nadia lives in Shagra Village in Sudan and is the head of the Shagra Women Development Association (WDA) In her local area, vegetation had been lost due to past conflicts which had caused huge displacement and the result had been destruction and complete deterioration of the environment. This lead to desertification, dust storms and reduced rainfall. All of which had a devastating impact on her local community.

When Practical Action established the ‘Greening Darfur’ project in 2009, Nadia wanted to be a part of it and decided to grow her own community forest. She knew that she would need the help of her community, especially the women, so she set up the Association which would give the women a voice to make key decisions. The group were given seeds and today, they work together to manage the forest, from irrigation to sowing seeds. Nadia and the women’s association now have a forest of nine thousand trees, which the community rely on.

Together, we are able to empower women like Nadia, to create lasting change around the world.

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