We have worked successfully with a range of Trusts and Foundations who have been kind enough to let us share the achievements of their generous donations.

Z Zurich Foundation

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The Z Zurich Foundation, funded by Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich), seeks to build resilience by helping people understand and become better prepared to cope with the risks they face. To achieve its mission, the Foundation builds select strategic long-term alliances with organisations like Practical Action, to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to key challenges, notably in sustainable disaster management and sustainable economic development.

Practical Action and the Foundation have worked together since 2008. In Bangladesh, our cooperation enables thousands of poor households in disaster prone areas to prepare for the severe floods they experience with the annual monsoon. With the Foundation’s support, Practical Action has introduced flood-resistant housing, health services, small-scale technologies, essential education and group savings schemes as part of building resilient communities. The Z Zurich Foundation has also contributed to Practical Action’s work in Peru, complementing the efforts funded by the Innocent Foundation. In one of the world’s richest ecosystems, the Foundation supports sustainable agriculture and forestry management that promotes disaster resilience and economic development.

But our cooperation with the Foundation goes beyond funding projects. Thanks to its ties to Zurich, the Foundation has access to a wealth of experience and skills within Zurich’s workforce which it seeks to share with the core organisations it cooperates with, demonstrating its deeper commitment. Practical Action has also benefited from such support, enabling improved effectiveness and efficiency in internal management, which in turn leverages greater impact.

“The Z Zurich Foundation reflects Zurich’s strong commitment to invest in the well-being and sustainable development of the communities of which we are an integral part. We want to be a positive force for change, and cooperating with experienced organizations such as Practical Action allows us to achieve far more than we ever could on our own - for society today and generations to come. Thanks to the decisive action Practical Action is taking on the ground, our commitment translates into real improvement in people’s lives, helping them to build more secure, resilient livelihoods.”

innocent foundation

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The innocent foundation was established in 2004 to help poor communities mainly in the countries where the fruit for the innocent smoothies is sourced. They have supported Practical Action’s work since 2008, in Bangladesh and Peru.

In Bangladesh, the innocent foundation helped to fund Practical Action’s construction and equipping of two Rural Technology Centres. These centres are now providing advice, seed and tools and introducing appropriate technologies to some 7,500 farming families, enabling them to improve the quantity and quality of their produce so they can feed their families properly.

In Peru, the innocent foundation funded two projects. With the foundation’s support Practical Action has brought safe sanitation using eco-san toilets, clean water and affordable energy to remote farming communities living high up in the Andes. The innocent foundation also funded a project in the cloud forests, reaching out to 6,000 families, helping them protect their environment in a way which is sensitive, sustainable and profitable. By enabling them to build more productive livelihoods through better forestry management, the communities now have the power to transform their lives.

Kate Franks, who looks after the innocent foundation says: ‘Through the work we have supported we can see what positive impact it can have on people's lives. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to support Practical Actions work.'

Caterham Overseas Aid Trust

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Caterham Overseas Aid Trust (COAT) is run entirely by an enthusiastic band of local volunteers based in Caterham, Surrey, and draws much of its support from local churches. COAT's mission is to help poor people in developing countries to help themselves and improve their lives.

COAT is one of a number of Overseas Aid Trusts "OAT's" - set up in the early 1980's with a common cause although operating independently.

COAT has worked with Practical Action since 1994 and has supported a wide range of projects, from energy access in Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe, to helping farmers in Sudan feed their families.  COAT is currently supporting Practical Action’s work in the towns of Kisumu and Kitale, near to Lake Victoria, Kenya, where Practical Action has been working with the communities and local authorities to ensure that they have access to clean water and sanitation. 

Geraint Jenkins, MBE, a retired geography teacher and committed member of COAT visited Practical Action’s projects in Kenya earlier last year.  In this short film, you can share his vivid pictures and fascinating insights, not of poverty but of the work being done on the ground, creating optimism and happiness within the communities that COAT and Practical Action have helped.

He is the second COAT committee member to visit a project supported by a COAT committee member - Barbara Whiteford visited Practical Action’s sustainable Amazon forest project, Peru, a few years ago.

Margaret Deards, Secretary of COAT says “COAT supporters are greatly encouraged when they can hear firsthand reports of how the money is used and its impact, and that Practical Action is frequently in touch with us to update us on what a difference our support is making.”

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