Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance

This alliance builds on the comparative strengths of the partners and includes the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Cross Crescent Societies (IFRC) with their global humanitarian mandate, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) a centre of technical expertise in the measurement and assessment of flood events, the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Process Centre at the University of Pennsylvania a thought leader piloting innovative ways to reduce flood risk, Zurich Insurance both a donor and technical partner, offering expertise in risk assessment and innovative risk financing and Practical Action which leads on technical innovation developing mechanisms for sharing learning from alliance innovations.

The global alliance is supported by the Z Zurich Foundation with a total commitment of CHF33m (over £25m). Practical Action is working in Nepal, Bangladesh - where the regularity of the floods is integrated into agricultural calendars and people’s livelihoods – as well as Peru, to understand the dynamics of flash flood events in poor urban areas, and the coherent planning and response needed to respond effectively to flood risk. The ability of the alliance to coordinate implementation, learning and knowledge generation across a diverse set of countries, with different flood dynamics and by experts with very different perceptions of flood risk, presents a tremendous opportunity to learn about the factors that build resilience to floods. By piloting these approaches in more communities, testing mitigation measures and understanding their contribution to flood response, the alliance will be able to support more communities build their resilience and prevent their development gains being washed away by the ever present risk of flooding.

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