Contributing to the growth of renewable energy access  

Llama Travel and Practical Action have been supporting the work of CEDECAP - Centre of Demonstration and Qualification in Appropriate Technologies – which aims to spread renewable energies as an alternative for development in rural areas. Its mission is to develop the capacities of technicians, professionals, specialists and users of existing isolated power systems at local, national and international levels. CEDECAP is the first training centre and demonstration scale designed to investigate and strengthen capacities in the use of appropriate technologies to promote sustainable rural development.

Since its founding in 1997 by Practical Action, CEDECAP has achieved great recognition for its work and commitment to developing local capacity for the use of renewable energy. Located in a rural area (Cajamarca, Peru), it allows its participants - students, policymakers, advocates, social engineers and managers - to apply acquired knowledge in the field, and to see the impact of technology on the life of local populations. With over 10 years of experience, CEDECAP offers its users programmes, infrastructure and equipment for training classes. It also has the support of an Advisory Body, consisting of internationally renowned academic institutions such as the National Engineering University (UNI), Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru (PUCP) and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain (UPC)

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