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We believe that business and technology are vital to build sustainable futures for the world’s poorest people and that the private sector can - and does - play a leading role in overcoming poverty.  

We work with businesses, both at the grassroots level, and internationally, and we especially value those with a pioneering spirit, who can help us solve big challenges.  We can use resources from our commercial partners to reach greater numbers of impoverished people than ever before, and together, we are deploying technology which will transform millions of lives.

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Developing strategic partnerships

We are actively looking to identify new partners for the development of joint projects that span our expertise in energy access, urban water and waste, agriculture and disaster risk reduction.

We have partnerships with leading companies to test new ideas and develop innovative solutions to some major global challenges. For a flavour of our current projects, see who we are partnering with.

Supporting livelihoods at the local level

Lack of opportunities to earn a decent income remains one of the most critical barriers to overcoming poverty. We help poor people to make a better living by enabling producers to improve their production, processing and marketing. Inclusive market systems and impact investments are just two of Practical Action’s approaches to inclusive markets that enable appropriate commercial solutions to prosper while protecting the environment.

Providing expert advice, information and knowledge

Through our two wholly-owned trading subsidiaries, Practical Action Publishing Ltd and Practical Action Consulting Ltd, we provide high quality information and advice to public and private clients and individuals via practical technical briefs, journals and a professional advisory service. Practical Answers, the Technical Information Service of Practical Action, provides information on appropriate, small-scale technologies through over 1 million downloads of information and 60,000 enquiries each year.



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