We have a long history of publishing books for practitioners and researchers, working to discover ingenious, practical ways to help communities free themselves from poverty and disadvantage.

We are also proud to partner with other publishers and distributors to offer a wealth of books for children, teachers and the general interest reader online and in our bookshop in Rugby, Warwickshire. Through our collection of books on global issues, we aim to inspire all ages with new discoveries and ongoing projects, to provide accessible knowledge about how we can create positive futures for the world’s most vulnerable people, and to celebrate sustainable living.


We produce new titles each year covering development fields as diverse as water and gender issues, agriculture and health, and including analytical texts, practical books, hands on manuals and reference works.

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Browse our peer reviewed journals- Waterlines, Enterprise Development & Microfinance, and Food Chain online

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Our authors include researchers who aim to influence practice, as well as practitioners whose insights can inform research.  

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